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Me & You

The wonderful 'Me & You (Vocal Edit)' is more than just a song - it's a portal to a world where time stands still and love reigns supreme. The catchy hooks and expertly crafted sounds transport you to a realm where boundaries dissolve, and all that matters is the connection between two souls. Every note is a brushstroke painting a vivid picture of timeless romance, while the Instrumental Edit strips away the vocal and allows the synth craft and captivating groove to come to the fore and cast their own unique spell.

Coverartwork MYR 33 - 2000_2000.jpg

Shadows Of The Night

Independent music label MYR proudly announces the release of the third EP of 2023: "Shadows of the Night", is another release from versatile artist, DJ, producer and live act Goeran Meyer. Following his impressive releases "Alone with my Thoughts" and "Random Hill", Goeran once again takes us on a profound and driving journey through his creative musical world. The EP includes three amazing mixes: a vocal mix, an instrumental mix and a vocal edit by Mario Navajo.

Coverartwork_Shadows of the Night_MYR31_2000px.jpg

Random Hill

After a busy 2022, Goeran Meyer keeps up the momentum in 2023 with the standout early release 'Random Hill' on his MYR label featuring remixes from Hanna Haïs, Juli Lee and Ivo Deutschmann. German artist Meyer put out a steady stream of artfully designed melodic electronic sounds in the last year. The audio sculptor releases most of them on his own label where he is constantly searching out fresh inspiration and evolving his moving grooves. The fact he plays live as well as DJing feeds into his improvised approach to music and lends each tune a feeling of real musical freedom.



Sydney-born Scotty Cal arrives on MYR Records with two tidy tracks that showcase his broad take on house music. First up here is 'Hypnotise', an organic and warm house cut with a fat bottom end and infectious claps. Twinkling melodies get you gazing skyward while well-placed vocal samples and silky pads bring a humid and atmospheric vibe. It's a characterful cut that pairs depth with groove dynamics. 'Words' is a totally different proposition with old-school breaks powering it along. The mood is dark, with edgy percussion and snapping hits making for a prickly groove as a plunging bassline drills down under the mysterious cosmic chords.

Coverartwork _ Scotty Cal - Hypnotise _ MYR27 _2000.jpg

Be Quiet

Goeran Meyer follows up his 'Keeping Asking' release with another superb single 'Be Quiet' on his essential MYR label. This latest release opens with a vocal edit of 'Be Quiet.' It is a seven minute trip into luxurious deep house. The shuffling drums are cuddly, the chords drawn out so as to really resonate, and lots of tiny details keep the mind occupied and lost in the beauty of it all. It's a late night track for cosy spaces and those who appreciate the finer side of electronic music.

Goeran Meyer _ Be Quiet - Coverartwork - 2000.jpg

Their Temple Is The Tent

The gorgeous 'Place Your Tents' floats on supple synths and rubbery bass. The track unfolds like a flower, with expansive chords and gentle progressions taking you ever higher into the stars. It's an emotive and evocative tune that gets you in a reflective, optimistic mood as the grooves carry you away. The majestic 'Facing The Temple' is a beautiful mix of starry melodies and warm, pulsing drums. It locks you in a state of hypnosis, with deft details seeing your mind occupied as the deep house drums roll on to infinity.

Artwork _ Goeran Meyer _ Their Temple Is The Tent _ 2000.jpg

VA. MYR Collection #One

Featuring an exquisite selection of Deep and Techhouse, Techno and seductive shades of electronica our family of MYR artists contributed a monumental amount of quality music since 2016 with stellar releases from Juli Lee, Kaiser Waldon, Fell Reis, Nesker, Oldrich Sic Jr. and label owner Goeran Meyer.

2000 _MYR Collection #One - Various Artists.jpg


A massive release for our 2020 schedule welcomes MYR`s first album from Swiss artist Juli Lee titled “Overrated”. The album is a 6-track masterpiece of delectable, energized deep house with some of Juli`s most creative material to date. As a highly versatile producer, her ability to craft a memorable journey through her selection of grooves is complimented immensely by her sound shaping skills and approach to how she builds out every track she makes.

Juli Lee - Overrated - LP - MYR19_1.jpg

Hidden Bay

Aptly titled, Maui and Cocoa provide an offset skippy style variety of beats which are coupled with influences of jazz and house which subsequently form the core his approach with each song. The title track Hidden Bay features a unique blend of sampling from nature with the tone and energy of the song feeling balanced when connected to its housey elements.

Hidden Bay Artwork _2000 (MYR17).jpg


'Acceptance of me' is a four-track EP with its roots set firmly around four world-class producers, each providing critical elements through their key styles to the overall feel and collective groove of the release. The original track by Kaiser is a progressive driving tune with a pulsing bassline that weaves around punchy drums and a dark vocal that gives the song a dancefloor-ready feel.

Kaiser Waldon - Acceptance - MYR15 - Cover - 2000.jpg

Down To Detail / Remix Edition

A difficult selection to begin with, the creative masterminds behind the remix edition collectively chose the song "Well" due to it's the stable path with many elements that could be stripped down groove by groove for what would ultimately be one of the German label's most significant projects to date.

Cover _ 2000 _ Oldrich Sic Jr. - Down To Detail - Remix Edition - MYR13 .jpg

Concrete Surface

Closing off an amazing year for 2018, MYR saw the releases of many world class artists hit the shores of the electronic world as the young German imprint continued to grow from strength to strength and 2019 looks to be the labels biggest year to date as it kicks off its release schedule with a fiery 2 track EP from label boss Goeran Meyer called “Concrete Surface”.

Goeran Meyer - Concrete Surface - MYR 11 - Cover2000.jpg

Breaking Clouds

MYR places great time and care into the curation of its artists and Juli Lee fits the bill in every aspect. Her two track EP “Breaking Clouds” features a deep, rhythmic energy which has a matured sense of groove showing the level class she exudes as an artist. Cirrocumuli is a warm blend of synthesis and detailed grooves, gripping it`s audience from the very first bar as it unfolds to release a wave of energy through its intricate composition

and arrangement.

Juli Lee - Breaking Clouds - Cover 2000.jpg


Brazilian DJ and Producer Fell Reis` love affair with music has grown exponentially over the last few years. His musical influences have infused a sense of unrivalled intricacy and understanding of sound which separates him from his fellow musicians in very creative ways.


Critical Reflection

A unique approach to creating music Ivo shows consistency in his ability to instill the mood and atmosphere that commands attention as he weaves the journey`s he has become so renowned for. Inspiration can spring up from any source, constantly living in the moment he captures emotions from the world around him where his productions illustrate the beauty of exotic locations and galactic landscapes, transporting his listeners to the unknown as his creations take shape.



Are you addicted to some good music? On the 7th of April 2017 the young label MYR goes into the third round with its new release. Göran Meyer presents with his EP ‚Addicted’ five outstanding titles of home made electronic music supported by Manuel Rodriguez and Nesker.

Addicted EP - Cover ( 2000 ).jpg

Unhurried Soul

The first release of the young netlabel „MYR“ founded in 2016, will be available in november. More can not be said about Göran Meyer‘s production before hearing. If you listen carefully, you will notice that all three titles are made with passion and soul. Analog sounds flying past quite innocent with dreamy synthielines, while melodic elements and groovy bass structures are cooperating.

Unhurried Soul EP - Cover .jpg

Boundless Chains

MYR label head Goeran Meyer is back to kick off 2024 with a superb new track featuring Mario Navajo. This German artist has long been quietly but assuredly carving out his niche in the electronic world. He fuses elements of house and techno with his own sublime synth craft and mostly does so on his own well-regarded label. For this one, he works with Mario Navajo, who is known for his deep, soulful approach to electronic music and a blend of deep and Afro styles.

Cover - 2000 - Boundless Chains - MYR 32.jpg

Alone With My Thoughts

The assured German producer and MYR label head always brings a touch of class to his music. He's an audio sculptor with a cinematic sound and a knack for meaningful melody. He's been busy of late with a superb string of singles that continues again here.

First up is 'Complete Control' which soothes the soul with its lush and languid synth lines rising and falling over streamlined beats. It's a track to get lost in and gaze off to the distance as the melancholic moods take over. The superb 'Observe' is more glitchy and textured, with undulating bass and distant starry twinkles run through with more intense synth lines that bring subtle tension in a futuristic fashion.

Coverartwork _ Alone With My Thoughts _ MYR30 _ 2000px.jpg

MYR Collection #Two

Look forward toward a new beginning, a new start and a beautiful new year filled with opportunity we have curated our discography from 2021/2022 to bring you our second compilation of artists named MYR "Collection Two". Featuring an exquisite selection of Deep House, Techno and seductive shades of electronica our family of MYR artists contributed a monumental amount of quality music during 2021/2022 with stellar releases and remixes from Hanna Haïs, Juli Lee, Kaiser Waldon, Nesker, Ivo Deutschmann, Scotty Cal and label owner Goeran Meyer.

2000 MYR Collection #One - Various Artists.jpg

Could Not Exist

At the moment, he is in a fantastic form. This is his third single of the year and another one that shows off great studio craftsmanship. Remixer Hanna Haïs has been touring the world as a DJ since 2007. Her productions on labels like Atal and Nite Grooves have been supported by the likes of Black Coffee and with this remix, she impresses once more. It has an epic breakdown that builds plenty of tension and atmosphere before big drums drive onwards beneath a nebulous world of synth details.

This is another artful package of fresh electronic sounds from MYR. 

Artwork _ MYR 26 _ 2000.jpg

Keep Asking

Goeran Meyer kicks off 2022 with a new EP on his ever-excellent MYR label.The DJ, producer and live artist is someone who always crafts ever-changing landscapes of audio sculptures that make both physical and emotional impacts.

 Cover - Goeran Meyer - Keep Asking - 2000.jpg

Push and Hold

The latest EP with the immediately warm and infectious “The Key” featuring the talented D-Lee. The chunky bass and drums draw you in, and breathy vocal sounds and catchy synth hooks all keep you locked as the bubbling, dub infused groove playfully unfolds. There is just as much character in the following track ‘Three Days', another charming house track with an effervescing groove that is stylishly off-kilter while melodic stabs, bright pads and neon keys all colour in the airwaves in fine fashion.

Coverartwork _ Push and Hold _ 2000.jpg


Contributing two tracks and the overall body of the first track titled, “Precious Human”, is a delicate blend of warm synths and a punchy bed of drum grooves with darkened stabs represent the emotions portrayed by this situation. The second Track called “Inner Gold“ lifts the energy with a rolling progression of grooves that along with an evolving analogue bassline brings big energy to the track and is quickly looking to be a dance floor favourite.

Goeran Meyer _ Precious _ Cover _ 2000.jpg

No Escape

The three-track EP features an energetic soul-moving and constructive melodic cuts which forms the core of the EP with the original track and an instrumental version & the third track titled “Hope”. No Escape is a true emotional soundscape with Neskers signature sound-shaping techniques showing his class as a producer.

No Escape _ 2000.jpg

Blue Glasses

The young imprints 16th release marks a critical milestone in its growth as it heads toward an iconic goal of releasing quality music. Leading from the front Goeran Meyer steps forward for the dance collectives 16th release with his two-track "Blue Glasses EP".

Cover _ MYR16 _ 2000.jpg

Needle and Thread

Primed and ready for Summer, Manuel Rodriguez, who is no stranger to the MYR family steps up to deliver another substantial contribution to the German-born dance label with his Needle and Thread EP for MYR14.

Cover _ 2000 _ Manuel Rodriguez - Needle & Thread EP.jpg

Rolling By

Renowned as a world-class selector Juli`s approach to her music is nothing short of pure magic as she weaves her way through textured soundscapes, jazz-influenced stabs with soft, warm pads and a rolling undercarriage of beautifully mixed drums giving all her productions a substantial injection of energy.

Juli Lee - Rolling By - MYR12 - Cover 2000.jpg

Closed Circle

Well known for crafting exceptionally subtle builds in energy with his music his ability to create emotionally constructive material comes with ease as he weaves his way through his songs, hard hitting kicks and warm, evolving basslines are but a few characteristics that describe this veteran artist.

Closed Circle - Cover - 2000.jpg

Down To Detail

The summer of 2018 is already set to be a memorable affair for the Austrian based artist with gigs secured at Prague Electric, Heyzl Coffee, Augsburg and the Electric Camp Festival. Experienced in many disciplines of the electronic arts Oldrich perfectly fuses old school energy with warm industrial tones as he creates the flawless journeys he has become synonymous for with his “Down To Detail” EP.

Cover-Oldrich Sic Jr. - Down To Detail - MYR-008-2000.jpg

Walking Distance

As the head of MYR, the careful selection placed into the curation of the label`s artists and tracks take precedence, and with the mighty German based label now primed for its highly anticipated 6th release, the boss himself has stepped up to deliver one fiery EP which has already shown great potential as being one of the labels biggest releases yet.

Walking Distance EP Cover  2000.jpg

It Smells Like Sleepless

Rumble and crackling in the heads. A new day starts restless. The best known musical monument off sleeplessness is celebrating itself.

Keeping watch a vivid and weird zoo that already kept certain peoples mind.

“It Smells Like Sleepless „ is inspired by the euphoria, hypnosis and the insane feeling of just living in the moment on the Sleepless floor at Melt festival, an impression that sticks in mind and stays, just waiting to be released in studio.

Cover 2 MYR04 ( 2000 ) .jpg


Two months after founding MYR the independent label presents its second release from the german artist Ivo Deutschmann. We know Ivo from previously published tracks on Bondage Music and Spielgold. The new EP is named Reflection and contains six titles which are capturing the feeling of the early morning hours.

Ivo Deutschmann - Reflection EP - Cover ( 2000 ) .jpg

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