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Triart & KRCL - Nothing At All feat. Jessica Zese

Triart and KRCL have teamed up for their first collaborative single entitled ‘Nothing At All’. Their first single will be released on digital platforms via Ethereal Future Music on August 6.

Generated in granular details, the pulsating layers of sounds unfurl in flawless mathematical precision through the track. Rhythmic patterns manifest themselves in perfect geometry through bewitching groove and synchronous piano licks. Accompanied by Jessica Zese’s mesmeric and elegiac vocals, coruscating strings on top all these build a new joint texture that trailblazes an innovative path for the artists’ discographies. Their precision-engineered collaboration creates a vibrant sonic architecture that continues into eternity.

Both Triart and KRCL have released music on the labels the likes of Sony Music Turkey, Future Forward Music and Ethereal Future Music and both have contributed to Future Forward Music’s 40-track groundbreaking compilation ‘The Void’ this year with their solo tracks. The talented in-demand acts have also had opportunity to share the same stages with the artists such as Eelke Kleijn, ARTBAT, ANNA, Wehbba, Sama’ Abdulhadi, Eli & Fur and Andrea Oliva in various dance events.

“If you support any of these on an upcoming stream please do let us know so we can highlight on socials of the label and artist"

Artist(s): Triart, KRCL, Jessica Zese

Title: Nothing At All

Record Label: Ethereal Future

Cat.Number: EFM036

Release Date: 6th August 2021


01) Nothing At All

Triart & KRCL - Nothing At All feat. Jessica Zese
Triart & KRCL - Nothing At All feat. Jessica Zese