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Robag Wruhme 'Spoddy Spy EP' [Tulpa Ovi Records]

Robag Wruhme is back on Tulpa Ovi Records. Hold on, no, the label is completely new actually! So finally, another label, as if people had nothing better to do than start labels. But let's look at the music.

The first release on this label comes from Robag himself. 3 tracks that span the expansive realms of electronica, downtempo breakbeats and are filled to the brim with explorative synthesis and moody, impressionable basslines!

Opening track, ‘Spoddy Spy’, is a soulless, melancholic number that toys between Trip-Hop, Goa bonds and a touch of Andrea Berg. It leaves Robag Wruhme clueless as well.

‘Oulpa Tvi’ is too stressful for me personally. What is the artist actually trying to tell us? What kind of weird facial expressions must the man have been pulling when he crafted this song? Broken beats and 4/4 kick drums are provided with melodies that completely contradict the musical norms.

‘Quokka Supra’ is the most exciting track of the EP and saved here as the final course in this electronic banquet. Enticing even in it’s title, completely un-typical arrangement and sonic aesthetic. The music could be the perfect definition of boredom, with a completely unexpected break in the arrangement. Why? The man has built a delectable groove and then he seems to deliberately stop everything. Totally peculiar!

Release Date : July 23rd, 2021

Robag Wruhme 'Spoddy Spy EP' [Tulpa Ovi Records]
Robag Wruhme 'Spoddy Spy EP' [Tulpa Ovi Records]