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Elisa Elisa & Emmanuel Jal - Amazigh - Cacao

Franco-algerian producer Elisa Elisa and South Sudanese-Canadian artist, actor, former child soldier and political activist Emmanuel Jal join forces to debut on Cacao Records. Through 'Amazigh', meaning Berber, they pay legacy to their north african roots. Bounding with their ancestors by a tribal vibe that hypnotizes, perfectly fusioning with the incredible vocals from Emmanuel. Elisa Elisa demonstrates her origins and musical influences through a solid groove and chants while fusing with the immediacy of Emmanuel's lyrics, making 'Amazigh' a truly massive release.

Artist(s): Elisa Elisa & Emmanuel Jal

Title: Amazigh

Record Label: Cacao

Cat. Number: CACO041

Release Date: 6th August 2021


1) Amazigh (Original Mix)

2) Amazigh (Dub Mix)

Elisa Elisa & Emmanuel Jal - Amazigh - Cacao
Elisa Elisa & Emmanuel Jal - Amazigh - Cacao