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Âme 'The Witness EP' [Innervisions]

This summer, the mighty Innervisions imprint will present their long-awaited 100th release.

Eight years following their seminal ‘Tatischeff’ release on Innervisions, and more recently, their much acclaimed 2018 debut album ‘Dream House’, German duo Âme remain at the forefront of electronic music, crafting a mesmerising array of thought-provoking yet truly danceable music. Spanning through contrasting tempos, rhythms and immersive sonics, ‘The Witness EP’ is guaranteed to transport you into a parallel universe as the label reaches a point in phase for new ideas and a beckoning of a new era.

Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer of Âme explore a heavier sound with the new release. Despite their prominence within house music, IV100 noticeably combines the unique sounds of Wiedemann and Beyer’s solo performances (Live sets and DJ) with characteristics of techno, commenting that “this EP could be seen as the biggest common denominator”.

Title track ‘The Witness’, which features Syrian-Armenian-American vocalist and composer KÁRYYN, who’s cryptic and stimulating lyricism has inspired the likes of Björk, offers up a symbiotic spoken-word performance that marries with the hypnotic minimalism of Wiedemann and Beyer’s composition, transporting us to another dimension entirely.

‘And End’ continues in the vein of the previous piece, with influences from eastern drums to modal synth leads and off-kilter vocal work reminiscent of the likes of Kraftwerk through to Laurie Spiegel. A wide, mind-opening experience that delights every sense in the brain, this is music engineered to deliver unparalleled body-highs.

‘What The Hell’ delves into a murky darkness where precision kicks and synthesised basslines entwine to form a brooding, marching beat. Interlocking, polyrhythmic pulses distribute the forefront linking us to themes heard throughout the EP already. The title is characterised by a robotic instructor that echoes the bit-crushed tones that resonate across this enormous groove.

The duo closes out IV100 with a tempo switch, the rare ‘Pink Elephant’ emerges from the binary rainforest with a stomping kick. Pitch-bending bass tones and incidental rhythms entwined to form melodies in themselves, taking us steadily into the future with a gentle nod to the godmothers of electronic music, Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram.

The four-track EP will be available digitally and on vinyl. In addition, for the first time, there will be an NFT consisting of an AI art animation along a sound piece based on the lead track "The Witness“.

Âme 'The Witness EP' [Innervisions]
Âme 'The Witness EP' [Innervisions]